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About Us


RMY Auctions is an online/catalog auction site owned and operated by Rhys M. Yeakley. Rhys grew up in an Antique Collectors Home, started collecting Baseball Cards like most kids of the 1980's and turned it into a part time business throughout his childhood. He took some time off for undergraduate school at Utah State University where he played both Baseball and Hockey, and then refocused on the hobby while in Law School at Valparaiso University.

Sports Memorabilia has not only been his full-time profession since 2005, but his lifelong passion. He progressed from Baseball Cards to autographs and memorabilia as the Card industry became unexciting with the emphasis on high grades and limited numbers of sets. He discovered a love for antique photography (both Sports and Non-Sports) and has never looked back. Through the years he has developed the most comprehensive knowledge of vintage Sports Photography fueled by his passion for the hobby and his handling of over ONE MILLION photos.

The goal at RMY Auctions is to provide a venue for collectors of Antique Photography to buy items with the peace of mind that the leading expert in the Country has personally examined the items for sale, and stands behind each and every item with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of Authenticity! We are the first Auction House in the Country to personally Guarantee the Authenticity of our items and the consignments we sell. We are also the first company to GRADE and EVALUATE the images we sell for convenience and peace of mind in purchasing via an internet based venue.


Partnership with Historic Images

RMY Auctions is excited to announce a partnership with Historic Images of Memphis, Tennessee. For those unfamiliar with HI, they are curators and collectors of historic and vintage photography, and they do it in bulk. They handle the large collections of photos and negatives from personal, private and public sources. They partner with archive owners to assist them in the preservation (and potential monetization) of their collections.

Having processed over 5 million images, Historic Images is at the forefront of their industry. But what really makes them unique is their passion for the photographs, they truly care about the preservation of the history they acquire. RMY Auctions has the honor of being the first to go through these unique and never before seen archives and pull out the finest images to be sold to the public through this auction venue. Historic Images offers a wide variety of original photos for sale in auction and fixed price venues, please feel free to visit their website at www.HistoricImages.com. They are truly some of the finest people in the hobby!


Our Goals

We strive to provide an Auction that has a high quality original photograph for everyone. We love to hear from fellow collectors who share our Passion and might have insight into the items we have from a historical perspective that we can pass onto the new owner. In a time where everybody is trying to start their own auction site and have a little bit of everything, we want to do ONE THING and do it better than anyone else in the world; and we are COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO BRINGING YOU THE BEST HISTORIC &VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY around! Period.